It is documented that in 1293 the territory called La Mata, now called MAS POLIT, was manor owned  by the hostelry monk of Sant Pere de Rodes, who made emphyteusis contract with Bernat Carrera. And the document that attests they already cultivated vines.

It was in 1572 when Antonio Heras, coming from Mas d'en Heras of Garriguella, bought the Mas. From this date Mas Pòlit has been owned by the family Heras and their descendents.

In 1632, the house became the property of a grandson of Antonio Heras, Heras called Hippolytus. It was from this moment that the house took his name Mas Polit.

Following the knowlege of our ancestors we strive to move forward a strong tradition rooted in the Emporda and Vilamaniscle. We can not reconstruct the past, but the past can inspire us. We try to build new worlds that include the precedents and placed next to it. We will ensure that new worlds never annihilate the old, moving us in the precious balance of cohabitation between old traditions and new technologies.

The history of Mas Pòlit, linked to growing vines and making wine, can be read in the book "Historia de la vinya i el vi a l'Empordà" Josep Lluís Iglesias Xifra.