The environment


Celler Mas Pòlit is located at northwest of the Alt Empordà, within the municipality of Vilamaniscle, at the foot of the last southern buttresses of the Pyrenees, between the natural parks of Albera and Cap de Creus. The proximity of the sea and mountains forms a landscape of harmonic hardness, where the vine grows in poor soils and acids, suitable for production of quality grapes. More Pòlit properties are from the same village, located west and 169 meters above sea level, to the ridge of the Sierra de la Vague de Ferran (332 m. Height) at its eastern end.


The most characteristic feature is the Tramuntana climate, cold and dry north strong wind. The climate is Mediterranean, with influences from humid winds from the south and cold northerners, and the proximity of the sea; moderate and hot summers but tempered by breezes winters. The dry summers give us water stress necessary to obtain quality grapes.


Soil characteristics are stony slate lands (licorella), acidic and rich in silicon and iron, with granitic outcrops from the area of ​​the Sierra Balmeta, between the natural parks of Albera and Cap de Creus. The type of soil is ideal for growing vineyard based on small productions per vine and bring grapes with high concentrations of sugars and polyphenolic elements, ideal for producing high quality wines.